Getting started

Welcome to Log10!

Log10 is an AI-powered LLMOps platform that enables developers to build continuously improving LLM-powered applications and ship them into production.

Creating a new organization

To get started, create an organization by going to the signup page (opens in a new tab).


Log in using your google account.


Pick organization name

Pick organization name (full name e.g. Acme Inc) and "slug" (short name, lower case version of your organization name. This cannot be changed after creating the account).

Org name

Add team members

You can add up to 5 team members to join your organization. This is optional at this step and you can always add more team members later. Each member will receive an email with an invite link.

Team members

Where to go next

Depending on whether you want to start with LLM observabiliy, or LLM evaluation for your projects, click on of the following: