The LLM Playground is the IDE for prompt engineering and let's you modify and experiment with new or previous prompts from logs with new instructions, models and hyperparameters to get better results.

There are two ways of creating a playground in log10, either by creating a new playground in the playgrounds panel, or by clicking on the "Open in Playground" button in the logs panel.

Create a new playground

Get started by clicking on the "Create Playground" button in the playgrounds panel.

Playground list

From here, you can choose an existing example or start from scratch.

New playground guide

Navigating playgrounds

A playground consist of panels, which make side-by-side comparison of prompt variants easy. New panels appear on the right, and becomes horizontal scrollable.


You can add new panels by clicking the "Add" button and select "chat" for newer models, "text" for older models. Or, you can clone an existing panel by clicking the "three dots" button on a panel, and click the "Clone" button.

Configuring model and hyperparameters

To experiment with different models and hyperparameters, such as sampling parameters like temperature and token limits, click the cog button at the top of the panel. Note, that model availablity may depend on the LLM provider key setup done by your administrator.


Executing playground panels

To use the panel context to generate a new message from the LLM, click the "Play" button at the top of the panel. This may take a few seconds to generate completions, depending on the model and provider.

Execute panel

Creating playgrounds from logs

When navigating logs, it can be useful to experiment with variations of existing logs by making prompt edits or trying different models or hyperparameters. To create a new playground from a log, click the "Open in playground" in the log details view.